Getroplast at BeOpen 2017: with the “Consorzio legno legno” for doors and windows frames

BeOpen 2017 is coming. It is created by “Consorzio legno legno”and it is dedicated to the world of doors and windows frames, and Getroplast will be take part in this occasion.

An event that registered 4800 appearances in 2016 and the numbers of 2017 show immediately the importance of being there: 8 editions throughout Italy, 125 partner companies, 60 seminars and conferences.

BeOpen2017 aimed at manufacturers, installers, retailers, construction industries, workers in the sector, designers, technicians, consultants, apartment block administrators and hoteliers with the goal to qualify business activities and products of doors and windows sector.

BeOpen 2017: All Getroplast schedules

tappe-beopen Getroplast will be present at 3 stages of the BeOpen 2017 event, stages that will take place in the city of Bari, in Campania and in Sardinia. Getroplast will have the opportunity to be engaged in the main topics of the annual meeting regarding the world of windows and doors frames. To be more precise, during BeOpen Bari, but also BeOpen Campania and Sardinia it will talk about job opportunities, installation and construction yards, new regulations, products and components, sales and web strategies.

But the event will also be the right opportunity to find out and learn more about the tools that today allow the companies to act more effectively on the market. Industry experts will be available for personalised advice, creating a true comparison to find out all the latest news on the market.