How do you choose extruded gaskets for your doors and windows?

First of all, choosing the right gaskets for your windows and doors means locating the profile that best suits the window and door, but it is extremely important to choose the type of material with which you want to create the profile itself, in order to get the best performance.

Among the materials used for the production of extruded gaskets, there is TPV, which is a vulcanized thermoplastic elastomer, composed of an elastomeric part (dynamically vulcanized EPDM) intimately dispersed in a thermoplastic matrix which has the same nature of the polyolefin.

The two elements together create a true plastic-elastomer alloy, characterized by a high performance profile and by a very simplicity of transformation.

The key features of TPV gaskets for doors and windows

Caratteristiche finestre TPVIf you choose gaskets for doors and windows in TPV , it means that you have a high quality product with high performance, because the material has remarkable features like:

  • Wide scale of hardness and working temperature
  • High elastic return in a wide range of temperatures
  • Excellent resistance to UV, ozone and atmospheric aging in general
  • Excellent resistance to various chemical agents such as bases, acids, alcohols, detergents, aqueous solutions, solvents
  • Great resistance to fatigue
  • High degree of thermal and electrical insulation
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Great colourability
  • Recyclable

Choose an extruded gasket in TPV

guarnizioni plastiche | GetroplastIt is clear that the properties of TPV gaskets, unlike those made of PVC, guarantee greater resistance and endurance. TPV, in fact, stands out for its excellent physical and functional properties, thanks to which the material has found many applications in different industrial sectors.

Today is surely among the recommended materials if you want doors and windows gaskets with high performance. Moreover, choosing TPV gaskets for doors and windows shows many advantages, as the TPV extruded gaskets have excellent resistance to aging, climate change, high and low temperatures, and UV radiations.

Among the advantages, it is important to remember the compatibility with water paints and the perfect adherence even at critical points of the window, such as the corners. They have also excellent mechanical properties and high elasticity, two factors that allow instantaneous return to the original shape. Finally, TPV gaskets are resistant to high traction, tear or pressure and they are easy to colour.