Getroplast, artisans in the production of gaskets for doors and windows frames

Getroplast presents itself on digital market with a new website, and it is special not for its numbers as a company, but because it is a great example of handcraft and made in Italy.

Getroplast produzione serramenti e infissiIn fact, Getroplast has its headquarter in Chiaravalle, in the region of Marche and it operates in the field of extruded gaskets thanks to a exceptional productive process. The production is characterised by phases which take care about “handcraft” and the attention to details, and this fact makes Getroplast different from the other companies.

The new Getroplast website enlighten the features that we mentioned before, which represent the basis of vision and mission of the company, giving worth to the products and solutions which Getroplast is able to offer to its customers. Getroplast is also occupied in the manufacture of the most required products in the market, offering a big range of personalised solutions, which can satisfy the different needs of each customer.

Professional technicians with a great experience in the field of gaskets for doors and windows frames allow to follow the customer from the planning-phase until the delivery of the final product, so they can collaborate to obtain a “custom-made” solution.

A new website, created to tell about the world of gaskets for doors and windows frames

Nuovo sito GetroplastHandcraft, Made in Italy and the capability to offer personalised solutions are the drivers that conduct the realisation of Getroplast website, considering the fact that Getroplast decide to tell its peculiarity and specificity and to share them with the digital world.

A direct communication to all those interested in the world of gaskets for doors and windows frames through the creation of a tool, the website, which makes a distinction for ease of use and creativity.

The goal is to involve the visitor, who is getting closer to Getroplast, in a pioneering business strategy, telling the backstage of a production where all efforts are focused on customer satisfaction.